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Quality Control

RMG Building has a quality control program in place that includes the following measures: 

  1. Our superintendents perform a daily checklist of the quality of work of all trades, check marking items of work that do not meet industry standards and or do not meet the project specification requirements. The check lists are distributed to the subcontractors for correction.
  2. Our managers perform a separate check list weekly and together with the superintendent's they perform a jobwalk with all non-conforming subcontractors. Any subcontractor found not to have corrected non-conforming work is formally put on notice by the project manager that if all non-conforming work is not corrected with-in 72 hours the work will be corrected by others and backcharged to that sub. We also encourage the architect to fill out a quality control checklist. This process works so well that backcharges almost never happen and the resulting outcome of the quality of our project is immediateley noticable to even the most discerning eye.


RMG Building takes safety very seriously. Our safety program follows all of OSHA Guidelines. All supervisors have completed their OSHA 30 training, as well as, yearly CPR training and their three year first aid training. Weekly job site safety tailgate meetings are performed using topics provided by our independent safety training company. Also, our independent safety training company performs monthly services on all of our projects and the safety recommendations provided by them are implemented immediately. Our job sites are fully equipped with all required safety gear and daily inspections are preformed of job site conditions and equipment.

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