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Estimating and Bidding

RMG Building typically seeks three bidders per trade with the exception of items of work that are particularly suited to certain company or are of a proprietary nature.

RMG bid rules are as follows:

  1. All bidders must be pre-approved by submitting a qualifying form that includes information about performance of similar projects, largest project size performed, financial status, insurance limits and references of similar projects.
  2. All bidders must sufficiently itemize the scope of work and pricing so the project team can analyze if the pricing and scope of work is valid and meets the intent of the project documents.
  3. All pricing in the bid process is confidential information and not to be shared with other subcontractors. (Only the position of the bid is shared with the subcontractors: 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, etc...)
  4. RMG Building reserves the right along with the agreement of its clients to reject or select any bids regardless of pricing.
  5. It is always our intent to be fair to our clients
  6. It is always our intent to be fair to all bidders.

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